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About Uncloudy & Co

Uncloudy & Co is a Sweden-based boutique marketing & metaverse agency focusing on building digital and virtual products and experiences. We have been called many times an “odd bird”.

We did not start Uncloudy & Co as a game studio. Dream Tango is in fact our first commercial game(s).

How come we ended up making VR games you might ask? Well, it might have to do with the power of VR as a storytelling medium. Or the fact that we needed to embrace our inner child. Or that we opened that desk drawer one day, and we realised it was getting jammed-full with dusty unused ideas and scripts, so full it was going to burst.

Unconventional beginning, we know…Then again, we ‘ve been craving to do something pure, undictated by a client brief, for most of our adult lives. And this is our way of going about it. Joining Start and ISV programs with Meta was an eye opening experience. And that was what tilted the scales on turning Dream Tango into a VR game (as opposed to a comic book series, or a Netflix pilot, no laughs) – first. So, we committed to see our passion project to the end. And here we are.

Dream Tango Ascension is our debut game. Our baby, making its first steps. Be nice.

Part of Start and ISV programs