The Higher Sanctum

At the heart of the Astral Plane lies the Higher Sanctum: a heavily guarded citadel where the Primordials have stowed away the Empyrean Implements, the artifacts used in the creation of the Cosmos.

These mighty items are not meant for mortals, but greed for power has led many astral travelers to seek them out through the aeons. Most of them, like the Elysian Astrolabe and the Logos, are always passively at work, pulling threads out of the Cosmic Egg and weaving them in a never-ending string of creation. The Blade of Hecate-Astraea, the weapon that was used to bring about the Divergence of dimensions, is rarely used except in the defense of the Citadel. The ultimate artifact, the Dream Jewel that sits upon the brow of Nyx, is the conduit through which all mortal dreams pass in order to find their way into the physical world.